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Canine Bowen Technique

Canine Bowen Technique

A highly effective, gentle soft tissue therapy that helps the dogs body re-balance.

Gentle moves are made over areas of the body and are performed in a slow and controlled way to subtly disturb the underlying muscles, ligament, tendon, and fascia.

The body is treated as a whole - it is a holistic approach.  The lifestyle of the dog is taken into account along with issues that may affect its health.

The treatment helps dogs to relax and bring about natural re-balancing adjustments over the whole body.  Ideal for all dogs from young to old, active to lap dogs, show dogs to scruffy dogs.  The perfect treatment for your faithful companion.

Conditions that may be helped:

Conditions that seem to respond well within my client base include:

NB – It is a legal requirement to have your vet’s permission to have body work on your dog.  Many good canine vets recognise the benefits of body work.  I will liaise with your vet prior to treatment.

Client Testimonials

“It seems as if you do so little. However the improvement in A…’s health is much better and his pain seems to have gone. He is much happier and jumping on the sofa again.  Thank you” Mrs V

“Your treatments keep him out of pain and improve his well being. You take Bowen to a whole new level. I love your approach to helping dogs ” Thanks Ms M


Treatments last between 30 and 60 minutes.  

This will include an in depth consultation to ensure the most appropriate treatment plan for your dogs needs.

Although most people will notice a difference in just 1 treatment, it is recommended that you commit to 3 or 4 treatments for maximum results.

Home visits incur a travel charge.