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Equine Remedial Sports Massage

Massage is a very effective hands-on technique that involves applying various pressures into the muscles and connective tissue/ fascia  to eliminate pain and restore range of motion.

I use a mixture of traditional massage techniques and modern myofascial release techniques to ensure that the massage I offer is highly effective.  Fascia is the connective tissue that can hold patterns of injury or compensation. By affecting the fascia the underlying causes can be resolved rather than simply working with symptoms.

Remedial Exercises

As part of the remedial service session Clare is qualified to offer remedial exercises for you and your equine. These will help the animal increase mobility, suppleness and thus strength. Exercises will be designed for each individual horse, to support that horses future rather than for fashion training fads.

Client Testimonials

“My horse is moving so much better, he is free and willing again. Thanks so much” Miss H

“We were amazed at the difference in our boy. He was a much happier pony and such a difference to ride” Ms G

“Great difference to the trot - we are loving our homework, the exercises make sense and are enjoyable. Mrs F

Equine Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy

Conditions that may be helped:

NB – It is a legal requirement to have your vet’s permission to have body work on your horse.  Many good equine vets recognise the benefits of body work.  

I will liaise with your vet prior to working with your horse

COSTS  FROM £40.00

Treatments last between 60 & 90 minutes.  

This will include an in depth consultation to ensure the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

Although most people will notice a difference in just 1 treatment, it is recommended that you commit to 3 or 4 treatments for maximum results.

Visits may incur a travel charge.

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