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Clare Hunter-Siemens

I am a Human and Canine Bowen Therapist and Equine Remedial Sports Massage and Myofascial Release therapist. I discovered Bowen through my horse and various riding injuries.

My key aim is to provide the body with an opportunity to be heard. I find this enables an necessary reorganisation to take place within the body good results for both human and animal clients. I would recommend a course of treatments to anybody and everybody.  It is an amazing modality for helping “issues” and for maintaining wellness.

Previously a healthcare & dementia consultant I was so impressed with the body work I decided to train so I could help others.  I continue to study and work towards deeper understanding of every “thing fascia”  and “body” related. Progressing to work with animals was an easy choice having completed at Prix St.George, as well as affiliated Showjumping and Eventing keeping horses sound and healthy has always been of great interest. These days I no longer enjoy competing but enjoy animals with physical and behavioural issues that I can help.

I train to the highest levels possible and continue to take workshops and training to improve skills and develop new techniques.  Currently I am studying neurology, and behaviour, with the aim of ensuring any remedial exercises I offer are of the most appropriate possible.

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I work as a mobile therapist as well as holding clinics near Tiverton.  I currently travel throughout the South West and North East.

Prior to retraining as a Bowen therapist I was a successful healthcare & dementia management consultant and NLP practitioner.  

About Bowen

The Bowen Technique both balances and stimulates, the restorative process beginning once the body is relaxed.

It’s referred to as ‘complementary’, meaning it will enhance and complement other medical treatments. However, it should be noted that receiving other manipulative therapies immediately following a Bowen session can undermine the effectiveness of the Bowen work. It is better to wait a week before starting any other treatments.

Bowen is  Complementary and Holistic

The Bowen Technique is perhaps one of the single most important tools we have to help heal the body. The moves produce good results by penetrating to a deep cellular level,  making use of the body’s own ability to heal itself. Bowen moves begin to achieve holistic balance straight away, embracing the client’s physical and emotional aspects.

My lovely companion Smiffi